Why join OTAC?

The Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado (OTAC) is the professional association that represents the occupational therapy profession in the state of Colorado. OTAC is 100% member-funded and led by a volunteer board. The financial support of member dues goes directly to support OTAC's mission to support and advocate for the profession of occupational therapy in Colorado. This includes supporting legislative advocacy, educational opportunities, professional development and support for OT and OTA practitioners and students. Read more about the mission here

OTAC recognizes that occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students play a vital role in the strength and advancement of the future of the profession and the association. Becoming an OTAC student member demonstrates professional commitment to the profession of occupational therapy and connects you to the mission of OTAC to support and advocate for the profession of occupational therapy in Colorado. Read more about the mission here..

Join Today

Student membership investment: $25 annually

Student Benefits

Students receive full membership benefits including special student discounts on OTAC events. Below you will find a few of the benefits that OTAC provides to OT and OTA students. You can read more about member benefits here.

OTAC is currently in the process of expanding services for OT and OTA students and welcomes student feedback. OTAC has student representatives from each school on the OTAC board. Please contact your current student representative or other board members for more information. Current students representatives and board members can be found here.

Connect with experienced practitioners to learn about best practices in specific practice settings and connect with mentors. Students are invited to join any OTAC committee or district and 

Support the representation of occupational therapy to the general public, in the state legislature through OTAC's state lobbyists and other advocacy efforts.

Student Resources

OTAC offers a number of educational events throughout the year and offers resources and connections for students with fieldwork and capstone projects, as well as the opportunity to present on research and projects and connect with the greater community of OT practitioners in the state of Colorado.