What is OTAC?

The Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado (OTAC) is the professional association that represents the occupational therapy profession in the state of Colorado. OTAC is 100% member-funded. The financial support goes to supporting OTAC's state lobbyists and to organize continuing education opportunities. OTAC's state lobbyists represent the profession of all Colorado occupational therapy practitioners to ensure that the interests of the profession are being heard.

OTAC recognizes that occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students play a vital role in the strength and advancement of the future of the profession and the association. Becoming an OTAC student member demonstrates the professional commitment to the values of OTAC. It is imperative that OT and OTA students continue their commitment to the profession of occupational therapy through their lifelong active participation and professional membership in OTAC.

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Student membership investment: $25 annually

Student Benefits

Below you will find various benefits that OTAC provides to OT and OTA students.

Connect with experienced practitioners to learn about best practices in specific practice settings.

Support the representation of occupational therapy in the state legislature by OTAC's state lobbyists.

Student Resources

Student Research
To post research project requests login to your OTAC account. Logging in will take you to the OTAC member landing page. There you will find access to the Community Forum where you can post a link to your research project or survey.