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Announcing the OTAC OTA scholarship to honor 60 years of OTA service in the occupational therapy profession. 

Scholarships will be awarded to up to four OTA or OTA student individuals. Submissions due December 15, 2019.  Clicking on this link DOWNLOADS a Word Document with more information, completion instructions, and the actual application.



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OTAC is 100% member-funded. The financial support from our members goes towards supporting our legislative efforts, which includes financing two lobbyist.

In 2020, the Colorado Occupational Therapy Practice Act will undergo a sunset review, which is where the State of CO will question whether occupational therapy regulation for OT and OTAs will be terminated or regulation will be approved.  OTAC is partnering with various stakeholders to preserve the protection of the profession in CO through licensure of OTs and OTAs. This work includes collaboration with OTAC’s lobbyists, the DORA’s agencies and key personnel, the AOTA’s State Affairs Group staff, and occupational therapy practitioners working in CO.  These efforts require financial resources to continue advocacy. We appreciate your membership to support the cause. 

Checkout our past legislative successes to see examples of how membership money is invested in the OT profession of CO. 

Additionally, we offer continuing education discounts,  networking activities, and leadership and volunteer opportunities. In October, we offer an annual conference and members receive a registration discount.  


Colorado Occupational Therapy Practice Act Sunset Review Update 11/01/19

Professions and occupations regulated in Colorado undergo a periodic regulatory review called a Sunset Review. The Occupational Therapy Practice Act is in the midst of this process. OTAC has provided you additional resources about the Sunset Review process.

The next step in the sunset review process will occur when the COPRRR presents the report and recommendations to the committee of reference in the Colorado House of Representatives during the 2020 legislative session, which begins in January.

OTAC will continue to partner with various stakeholders to preserve the protection of the profession in CO through licensure of OTs and OTAs.

Please consider donating to support our legislative efforts. OTAC employs two lobbyists who work on our behalf to protect and promote legislation that allows us to do the amazing work that we do every day in our beautiful state of Colorado. Your gift helps to ensure the continuation of this service for years to come.




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