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OTAC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact OTAC?

You can contact OTAC at info@otacco.org. 

How do I find an answer to my practice question?

OTAC receives many questions from OT practitioners about practice regulations. OTAC is not able to provide any legal advice or interpretation of practice regulations. Please review the Colorado OT Practice Act and the information on the OT page of DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) from the links on the DORA information page and the Practice FAQ page.

We also recommend contacting AOTA if your question relates to a national practice issue.

Will OTAC share my student surveys?

OTAC student members are welcome to post their surveys in the forum section of the website. OTAC is not able to send survey emails or post on social media. OTAC receives many requests from non OTAC student members (students from out of state) and OTAC is not able to share these surveys in the forum due to the overwhelming number of requests.

Who can join OTAC?

Anyone can join OTAC. OT professionals, students and retirees are encouraged to join! Associate memberships are also available to businesses, organizations and individuals interested in supporting OT and networking with OTAC members.

How do I become a member of OTAC?

Click here: "Join/renew" and select your OT membership type (OT, OTA, OTS, Retired OT).

How long is my membership?

OT, OTA, Associate, and Retired memberships last one calendar year from the date of joining (example August 1, 2019 - August 1, 2020).  You will receive email reminders when your membership is up for renewal.

Student memberships are for 2 or 3 years to match the length of the OT and OTA student programs in Colorado. And good news for students! Pricing has been reduced from the previous annual renewing membership rate! (previous $30/year, now $55/2 year and $80/3 year)

I am a practitioner (OT/OTA) and going back to school. Can I get a student membership?

We follow AOTA membership practices. Therefore, you have two options. One to change to a student status but as a student member you would not be able to receive contact hours for any educational activities you attend, including the conference. Or, if you would like to still have access to earn contact hours then registering as an OT/OTA would be the choice to make.

OTAC is happy to have you as a member whatever choice you would like to make! If you would like to switch to a student membership please email us and we can change your membership for you!

I'm considering OT practitioner as a career and I would like to gain more exposure to networking with OT professionals. What is the best way to connect? 

We invite you to attend an event listed on our calendar or reach out to us to help connect you with a committee chairperson, district leader, or special interest group leader.  Please contact us at info@otacco.org and we will help direct you!  Another option is to sign up for an Associate membership to receive access to network with other members. Associate members receive OTAC emails that will help you stay up to day about activities to help you connect with OT Professionals.

How do I get more involved with OTAC?

We would love to have your involvement! There are many roles that people can fill within the association based on interests and availability. Involvement may range from serving on the board to working as a committee member on a specific project. All levels of experience are welcome. To find out more, contact us at info@otacco.org or view our volunteer opportunities located under the webpage heading, "Get Involved", on our homepage. 

Do I have to volunteer if I join?

You do not have to volunteer but many opportunities are available if you are interested!

Where do my dues go?

Membership dues help OT by supporting our lobbyist efforts in Colorado as well as being used towards many professional events each year from conference, social activities, continuing education, operating costs (website, accounting, etc.) and more!

OTAC is one of the few states able to afford to have our own lobbyists and as a result we are able to advocate successfully for OT representation in any health practice issues that come up as well as introduce our own legislation. In 2021 we successfully introduced and passed the OT Interstate Compact Act and we are currently working on introducing a bill for another OT practice issue in 2022.

Your dues are a valuable investment in your ability to practice and advocate for the OT profession! OTAC is the ONLY association in Colorado that advocates for you in public policy, and with stakeholders, insurers, employers, and the general public.

Thank you for investing in the future of OT practice in Colorado by becoming a member!

Can I attend a board meeting?

Attendance at OTAC board meetings is considered an OTAC member benefit, however, we invite guests to attend! All meetings are held through Zoom and links are posted on the website. Please identify yourself as a guest when attending.

I'm a member of another state OT association and I am moving to Colorado. Can I transfer my membership?

If you are transferring from another affiliated state association, OTAC will accept your membership for the remainder of the fiscal year. Please email info@otacco.org for more information. You will be required to provide a letter from the President or Membership Chair of the affiliated state association that includes your membership type and when your membership expires. 

How do I obtain my membership card?

Membership cards to download are located in your member profile. Receipts of purchase of membership are sent via email. If you have other questions please contact info@otacco.org.

Does OTAC organize an annual conference?

Yes! The OTAC Annual Conference is typically a two-day even held in person in mid October. For 2020 and 2021 OTAC held virtual conferences that were a great success! Moving forward OTAC will provide a hybrid (combination in person and virtual) event to allow for increased accessibility and networking opportunities. The conference provides exceptional continuing education sessions, fun networking and social activities, an exhibitor expo, and our annual business meeting. Stay tuned for the exciting plans for our 2022 Conference!

Why aren't there more pediatric presentations during the OTAC conference?

We don't know! Every year OTAC requests proposals for conference presentations and we receive very few proposals covering pediatric practice. OTAC has reached out to therapists and clinics working in pediatrics to invite more speakers to share with limited success. Please ask anyone you know who would be a great speaker on pediatric practice to submit to present at the annual conference!


OTAC is the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado. It is a non-profit organization that strives to increase the quality of care and level of professionalism to the practice of OT in Colorado.

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