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Accessible Systems:  Our passion is helping anyone with mobility challenges to enjoy their home no matter what. This includes seniors, the handicap and people with physical disabilities. We sell, install and service accessibility and mobility equipment, as well as home modification solutions that can overcome almost any barrier and provide help with fall prevention.

We are both dealer and general contractor. This ensures that our accessibility equipment installations and home modifications are done right and that they create a customized fit for your home or business. As a local expert for over 20 years, we have the experience, the solutions, we are fully licensed and insured, and we care about you and your family.

Aspire OT:  As occupational therapy practitioners, our #1 priority is improving the lives of our clients. With the demands of our careers, we may feel that our time and budget for continuing education are stretched thin.  Aspire OT is an AOTA Approved Provider that offers continuing education and coaching JUST for OT. Our founding partners are occupational therapy practitioners, so you can trust us to bring you relevant courses with practical tools to take straight to practice. We offer dozens of courses on various topics. You can choose a webinar or a self-paced course that best fits your busy life.

Our mission to empower and support OTs, OTAs, and students does not stop with continuing education.  Niccole and Kim want to share their real-world experiences in achieving success with other practitioners.  Our JUST for OT occupational therapy coaching and consulting can help you accelerate your career, improve your clinical practice, and guide you on your leadership journey. 

Aspire OT is owned by OT practitioners. When you choose our continuing education or coaching, you are supporting fellow OTs, OTAs, and students.  We are all better TOGETHER!

Contact us today for more information regarding any of our services or to schedule your appointment for one of our services such as coaching or a custom webinar.

OT Flourish: OT Flourish supports OT Practitioners & students new to working in SNF and home health through resources, ebooks, the OT Flourish podcast and the OT Accelerator community. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of yourself or wishing you had someone to ask clinical questions to as a new OT practitioner or fieldwork student working in SNF or home health? The OT Accelerator helps bridge the gap between OT textbooks to treatments through having treatment ideas, assessments, clinical resources and group mentorship (and more!) at your fingertips.

Go from overwhelmed to confident through the OT Accelerator! Learn more here or any questions about the program or if it is a good fit, feel free to contact us here.   

OT Accelerator promo just for OTAC members: 15% off each monthly or year subscription (saving over $95) as long they're a member using code: OTAC15 - Sign up HERE!

Point Designs:  We design and manufacture durable full finger and partial finger prostheses for people with partial hand loss to improve their independence. Our mission is to restore accessibility and independence to people with limb differences by providing intuitive, durable, and reliable prosthetic devices.

STAR Institute is the global leader in research, treatment, and education of individuals across the lifespan who identify with sensory integration and processing differences and the spectrum of developmental and behavioral conditions. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to improving mainstream awareness of sensory health and to providing life-changing support and resources for individuals and families. STAR Institute supports all areas of sensory health including mental health, school success, child development, parenting, relationships, and vocational success.

Our educational programs address the foundations provided by sensory integration theory and further elaborate by integrating relational and regulation awareness and interventions that address engagement, participation, function, and overall health and wellness. We are an AOTA approved provider with flexible programing (Online, Livestream, In-person) courses, conferences, webinars, and workshops.


OTAC is the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado. It is a non-profit organization that strives to increase the quality of care and level of professionalism to the practice of OT in Colorado.

Have a feedback or need more help?                                    Email: info@otacco.org


Email: info@otacco.org 

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