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Student Representative: Creighton-Regis University

Name: Samantha Damare', OTS

What do you love about OT?

I love OT for so many reasons, it all started with a dream to give back to my community and help people. After working with OTs, I discovered how creative and fun OTs get to be at work while flexing their clinically developed skills. Occupational therapy will allow me to work in many different practice settings and wear many hats along my career path. OTs can also think outside the box and approach healthcare in a holistic manner while considering individual contexts.

How did you choose this profession?

While I was earning my undergraduate degree in kinesiology/exercise science I began work as an outpatient physical therapy aide. I then transitioned into an occupational and physical therapy aide where I was able to support both professions. Working with and supporting the OTs highlighted the differences between OT and PT, and how OTs were able to do what PT did, while also taking therapy a step further. OTs had the ability to get to know their patients' lives, break down chosen occupations and create a personalized therapy plan for both the patient's physical body and their overall quality of life. I moved to Colorado in 2019 and began working at the Children's hospital in Aurora as an outpatient therapy aide supporting OT, PT, SLPs and Audiology. My love for OT began to grow even more during this time as I saw the vast practice settings and detailed clinical skills of the OTs at Children's. I began to realize the opportunities and potential in pursuing my OTD, while getting excited to contribute to neurorehabilitation practice and future research.

Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?
I have been excited for the right opportunity to come up where I have the ability to promote the Creighton-Regis OTD program. This program provides us with an advanced and extensive education so that we are able to jump right into any practice setting of our choosing come graduation. I am also excited to be an advocate for occupational therapy practice in general and support the growth of OTAC here in Colorado and in legislature. OTs are skilled, clinically educated healthcare professionals and we deserve the opportunity to advance in our profession just like other therapies.

What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado?
My husband and I moved to Colorado with a car full of clothes and a dream. For a long time, I felt like I was searching for something, trying to find my place in the world. Colorado has given me a sense of freedom while also providing me with a home where we have been able to settle down and lay some roots. It's hard to pick my favorite thing about Colorado when everything about it appeals to me! Although, if I had to pick something I would have to say the beautiful mountain range and the weather. Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies and in Colorado it is so easy to get lost in any of the amazing trails near me.


OTAC is the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado. It is a non-profit organization that strives to increase the quality of care and level of professionalism to the practice of OT in Colorado.

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