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OTAC Student Representatives 

Creighton University Student Representative

Name: Jenny Naylor, OTS
Email: jen54319@creighton.edu

What do you love about OT?
I was initially drawn to OT as a profession because of how person-first, and holistic it is at its core. OT is such a unique and exciting field because it combines the amazing science and technology we have in our modern age and combines it with the creativity and personal care of every individual person. I love that every OT I have met has a kindness and a bright mind that creates an environment to grow and heal. 

How did you choose this profession?

During my undergraduate schooling, I was looking for a major that would allow me to be in the medical field in an imaginative, meaningful, and fun way. It was when a family friend told me about her experience as being an OT that all the pieces clicked together and I knew it was the route I wanted to take and the goal I wished to work toward.  

Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?

Becoming the OTAC student representative from my program was an honor and has allowed me the opportunity to understand the process and immense importance of state legislation. Learning more about the state government and legislation side of OT is incredibly valuable as a student and a future OT to best navigate and support change and growth in the field. Having the opportunity to be the liaison between my classmates and OTAC is so meaningful for myself, knowing that everyone can be connected and work as a community. 

    What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado? 
    I am a Colorado native, and like all good Coloradans, hiking and camping are my two favorite activities. I am working towards hiking more 14ers and expanding my hiking trail favorites!

    Colorado State University Co-Chair Student Representatives

    Name: Scott Beckett, OTS
    Email: Scott.Beckett@colostate.edu

    What do you love about OT?
    I have a saying that “OT makes people more awesome.” I hear it from professors and mentors all the time that people refer to occupational therapists as magic. In learning about OT I am beginning to see the profession as filling the negative space between medical and rehabilitation professions. OT fills an unquantifiable need and that make us a powerful force for health and change. Should be fun.

    How did you choose this profession?

    My first career was working with 4th -12th grade students in outdoor settings, environmental education and sailing school vessels. It’s hard to explain but there are many similarities between what I did and OT and I did not want to throw out all my experience but I did want to move in a new direction

    Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?

    My father is very involved in civic matters, and I have always admired his efforts. It’s a role that I have never done before, and I am curious about how the organizational body works.
     What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado?

    I am definitely a skier and I am just back from ten years living in the south so it will be great to take some turns. I have a lot of river boating experience from my youth and I am looking to take on some float trips.

    Name: Danika Morrison, OTS
    Email: Danika.Morrison@colostate.edu

    What do you love about OT?
    I love the endless opportunities that OT has to offer to us as (future) practitioners and to our clients who have such diverse goals and backgrounds. I am excited about the emerging practice areas and seeing how OT can fit into places it hasn’t been before. OTs have a vast knowledge and breadth and I am excited to join this incredible group of people who value person-centeredness!

    How did you choose this profession?

    I have previously worked with individuals with disabilities in recreation and employment services, and knew I wanted to pursue this for the rest of my life. OT was a way for me to get the training and education to make a career out of empowering individuals with disabilities to meet their goals. I love how OT is an evidence based practice, in such a holistic way, and am excited to have a career that honors and upholds that in the day-to-day. In the future, my partner and I (a mechanical engineer and a future OT), want to combine our talents and create an adaptive outdoor organization that provides a place and equipment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to engage in adventure type sports such as mountain biking, so I am hoping to implement my OT skills in big ways!

    Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?

    I have always been an advocate for myself and those that I work with and having the ability to be a part of OTAC allows me to do just that in an informed way. It is exciting for me to have the opportunity to invest in Colorado and especially Colorado OT during my time here and help make a difference for OTs, understand state funding, and comprehend and communicate to my peers how legislation impacts our services. I am looking forward to being a liaison between OTAC and CSU.
     What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado?

    Mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, you name it, Colorado has got it!. I am from Washington State, so the similarities in things to do are helping me feel right at home here.

    Pima Medical Institute Student Representative

    Name: Shira Marcus, OTAS

    What do you love about OT?
    I love that there’s no one right way to practice OT. Every practitioner has their own style and methods and is able to utilize their creativity to come up with unique and individualized care plans. 

    How did you choose this profession?
    I’ve always wanted to work in health care, but I struggled to find a field that felt holistic - until I discovered Pima’s OTA program! For me, OT combines physical and mental health in a way that feels integrative and flexible, and allows the OT practitioner to find a blend that works best for each client. 

    Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?
    I’m very curious about the way systems work and passionate about effecting change within them and joining OTAC felt like the best way to do that. 

    What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado? I love riding my motorcycle through the mountains, preferably next to a river and if there are train tracks, that’s even better! 

    Colorado Mesa University Student Representative

    Name: Siena Podgorny, OTS

    What do you love about OT?
    I love how OT highlights the interconnectedness of mental health, physical health, the close environment and the larger society as a whole. Because of this, I believe that OT will prepare me to be a strong advocate for people in my community.

    How did you choose this profession?
    My dad had ALS when I was in high school and many different medical professionals cycled in and out of our house. I especially noticed the OTs and the devices they brought over to improve his quality of life as the disease progressed.

    Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?
    I grew up in Colorado and have an appreciation for the communities within it. I saw OTAC as a way to connect with other OTs around the state and I am excited for the opportunity to get involved at this level!  

    What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado? I love all things Colorado but especially outdoor music events! I'll never say no to listening to music in a park, with a view of the mountains... and a picnic!

    Pueblo Community College Student Representative 

    Name: OPEN


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