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Student Representative: Pima Medical Institute

Name: Jennifer Disler, OTAS

What do you love about OT?

    There are so many things to love about OT!  At the top of the list is having the opportunity to treat the whole person and not just one aspect of them.  Everything works together and OT recognizes the importance of that synergy by addressing the client with a holistic approach.  I also like the variety of settings, treatments, and clients.

    How did you choose this profession?

      My background is in personal training, where I work with a broad scope of clients.  My motto is “helping people live their daily lives better.”  When I mentioned that to an OT at a hippotherapy facility where I volunteer, she pointed out OT does exactly that!  It’s a natural progression for me to evolve my career to OT.  Helping people makes me happy.

      Why did you choose to become an OTAC student representative?

        I am honored I was chosen to be the student rep for Pima. I enjoy learning how all the parts work together.  I am seeing how advocacy, OT, and legislation interact with each other.  The importance of advocacy is something emphasized in our studies and it’s interesting to see some of the different ways it can have an impact and share that with other students.  I also appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with OT practitioners and other students in the state.

        What's your favorite thing to do in Colorado?

          I enjoy going for rides on ATVs and hikes, especially in new places.  Even though I’m a native, those mountains still amaze me.

          ABOUT OTAC

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