How do I contact OTAC?

You can contact OTAC at [email protected] 

Who can join OTAC?

Anyone can join OTAC. OT professionals, students and retirees are encouraged to join as well as businesses and organizations interested in OT practitioners and the field are encouraged to join.

How do I become a member of OTAC?

From the Membership Menu, click Join/Renew and select your OT membership type (OT, OTA, OTS, Retired OT).

How long is my membership?

Your membership lasts one calendar (example August 1, 2019 - August 1, 2020). 

I'm considering OT practitioner as a career and I would like to gain more exposure to networking with OT professionals. What is the best way to connect? 

Attend an event listed on our calendar. If you are not sure which one, contact us at [email protected] and we will direct you!  Another option is to sign up for an Associate membership to receive access to our member directory. Associate members receive the OTAC Pulse, which is OTAC's official newsletter, and learn about events in your area to connect with OT Professionals.

How do I get more involved with OTAC?

We would love to have your involvement! There are many roles that people can fill within the association based on interests and availability. Involvement may range from serving on the board to working as a committee member on a specific project. All levels of experience are welcome. To find out more, contact us at [email protected] or view our volunteer opportunities located under the webpage heading, Get Involved, on our homepage. 

Do I have to volunteer if I join?

You do not have to volunteer but many opportunities are available if you are interested. See prior question.

Where do my dues go?

Membership dues help OT by supporting our lobbyist efforts in Colorado as well as being used towards many professional events each year from conference, social activities, continuing education and more.

Does OTAC maintain a listing of employment opportunities?

Some employers looking to fill open occupational therapy positions advertise on the OTAC website. Visit our career center for an up-to-date list of advertising employers. 

Can I attend a board meeting?

The attendance to OTAC board meeting is an OTAC member benefit, however if you are a nonmember and you are interest in attending in the interest of learning more about the association, please contact us at [email protected] to RSVP.   

I'm a member of another state OT association and I am moving to Colorado. Can I transfer my membership?

If you are transferring from another affiliated state association, OTAC will accept your membership for the remainder of the fiscal year. Please email [email protected] for more information. You will be required to provide a letter from the President or Membership Chair of the affiliated state association that includes your membership type and when your membership expires. 

How do I obtain my membership card?

OTAC does not have membership cards. If you need proof of membership or receipt of purchase of your membership, please contact [email protected].

Does OTAC organize an annual conference?

OTAC is a volunteer-run association and we depend on our volunteers to organize a conference. To answer this question, yes, we do organize an annual conference. It's typically a two-day conference and is held in October. The location varies, although is held in Colorado. The conference provides continuing education, networking, and our annual business meeting.