OTAC Committees

Volunteers run all of OTAC’s Board positions and committees. Without them, OTAC would not exist.

The role as a volunteer on a committee is collaborating with other OT professions and students, and delivering outcomes that run the Association.  Below is a list of Standing Committees with a brief explanation of their purpose, qualifications and examples of job duties to support the committee, commitment level, and reporting Officer/Chair. 

Eligible volunteers can be OT practitioners and students whose OTAC membership is in good standing. 

How you get involved is:

  1. Review the categories that describe each committee. Choose a committee(s) where you believe your skill sets can assist the committee or where you would like to expand on your skills.   
  2. If you are a member of OTAC, please fill out and complete the Volunteer Application form. 
  3. If you are not a member of OTAC, please fill out and complete a Membership Application, prior to filling out the Volunteer Application.






Conference Committee

Plans, coordinates, markets, and delivers conference(s) annually or as determined by the needs of the Association. The Conference offers educational and networking opportunities based on the needs and interests of the membership. The Conference also serves as a fundraising event for the Association.   

January - November.

Volunteers may join at any time. 

Conference Chair
Legislative Committee Serves to address the current and/or projected legislative, regulatory, and public policy needs for the Association’s members. The Legislative Committee’s tasks may include interacting with lobbyists, organizing OTAC Hill Day, and/or other relevant events as based on the needs of the organization. Pertinent issues may include areas such as third party reimbursement, scope(s) of practice, and/or other governmental concerns. The committee may also collaborate with national organizations on issues that impact the profession on a national level.  Possess an interest in the legislative concerns of occupational therapy in the state of Colorado.


Volunteers may join at any time.

Legislative Chair

Member Services Committee

Serves to address membership recruitment, satisfaction, and retention. The Member Services Committee tasks may include addressing current and projected membership value and the profession’s well-being in response to members’ and potential members’ needs and satisfaction.  Assist in sharing marketing ideas to promote and maintain membership, monitor the value of OTAC's benefits, ability to self-manage in facilitating and completing assigned tasks. 

January - December.

Volunteers may join at any time. 

Member Services Chair

Newsletter Committee

Serves to solicit, review, edit and approve newsletter article submissions. The Newsletter Committee assists the Board Chair for Communication in publishing the OTAC Newsletter and will facilitate the use of the OTAC Newsletter as a communication link between the Board and the membership. Knowledge in OT language and strong skills in grammar, contribute creative ideas for newsletter articles, communicate with OTAC board regarding gathering of articles in appropriate time frame

January - December.

Volunteers may join at any time. 

Newsletter Editor

Nominations Committee

Develops a nominating slate for the Executives of the Board, Board Chairs, and Association Representatives of the Association.  


Volunteers may join at any time.

Vice President
Professional Development Committee Serves to provide professional development opportunities for the Association’s members. The Professional Development Committee tasks may include coordinating continuing education opportunities, collaborating with leaders of Districts and/or Special Interest Sections, and overseeing student representatives.   

January - December.

Volunteers may join at any time. 

 Professional Development Chair

Recognitions Committee

 The Recognitions Committee seeks member-submitted nominations and honors individuals who have provided outstanding service to OTAC or the profession within Colorado. Nominees are reviewed by the Committee and submitted to the OTAC Board for review and final selection. Selected individuals or organizations may be honored at the OTAC Annual Business Meeting.  


Volunteers may join at any time. 

 Vice President