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OTAC is Excited to Announce Partnership with Alert Program ® for Fundraising Opportunity!

Between February 15th and April 15th, whenever a Colorado resident purchases any Alert Program ® Distance Learning product, Alert Program ® will donate a percentage to OTAC. For complete information, please click here.




Upcoming Events
April 1 The beginning of OT Month!!------celebrate----submit pictures and articles of your events to

All OTAs should begin the application process with DORA- spread the word

THE OTA Application is available

May 13 OTAC Board Meeting  6-8p.m.
May 19 Rules and Regulations Hearing at the Capital
June 15 Deadline for the Call for Proposals
June 25

The Denver area Forum has met for a second time this year.  We read the OT Practice Act, discussed and formulated questions that will be submitted to DORA.

The next meeting will be June 25th- The focus is pediatric  based feeding, but the information should be able to be generalized to all ages.  More details to come. 

This is where you can find the OT Practice Act on the DORA website:

This should take you to the DORA OT Home page.  Click on the left bar under Laws, Rules, and Policies; and then OT Practice Act under laws. 


Click here to open or download the 2014 Call for Proposals

Licensure update from DORA
Beginning on June 1, 2014, all Occupational Therapists who hold active registrations with DORA will automatically convert from registrations to licenses.  At that time, OTs will be able to add “/L” or the term “licensed” as the designation to their credential (e.g., OT/L, OTR/L).  A new wallet card will not be issued at that time.   
Beginning on June 1, 2014, Occupational Therapy Assistants will also require licensure in order to practice in Colorado.  Applications will be available on the DORA website the beginning of April, 2014.  Please note that the application for licensure must be complete and approved before an Occupational Therapy Assistant can practice as an OTA, can call themselves one, or use the designation “/L” or the term “licensed” with their credential (e.g., OTA/L, COTA/L).  One cannot practice as an OTA or call themselves one by simply submitting an application; it must be complete and approved by the Director. 
Both Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants will be required to renew their license by January 31, 2015.  During the renewal process, practitioners will be required to show proof of professional liability coverage, comply with the Michael Skolnick Transparency Act, and begin the Continuing Professional Competency Program process.  More information about the specific requirements will be available in the course of the coming year.
What you can do now:
1)      Know that it is your responsibility to make sure that DORA has your current address, both e-mail and physical mailing addresses;
2)      Download and read, understand, and comply with the OT Practice Act, which went into effect July 2013; it is located on the DORA Occupational Therapy home page;
3)      Assure that your OT and OTA colleagues are aware of the licensure status and process, especially those with whom you have a supervisory relationship; and
4)      Forward this email to your OT and OTA colleagues, employers, human resource departments, and other involved parties.

Please know that the most current information regarding an individual’s license is available on our web site at Please review the DORA website frequently for updates and new information at
Thank you for your accountability in both upholding the Occupational Therapy licensure law and assuring consumer protection for Colorado’s residents. 

OTAC Board Meetings:  These meetings are open to the public and it would be a courtesy if you would notify OTAC one day prior if you plan to attend and the location and specific information will be communicated at that time.  OTAC welcomes all of you to attend. 

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 13
6-8 p.m.

Interested in an OTAC Leadership position? You can find the application below.

Application for OTAC Leadership Position