Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado is your professional organization that makes us as OT practitioners stronger collectively than as individuals. It binds us so our ideals and philosophy can move mountains. It helps pave the way to more choices in employment and opportunities for funding. It increases our ability to interconnect with other professional groups for stronger teams

Expand Your Professional Network

  • Partner with OT practitioners in Colorado to learn about opportunities and events as well as share resources to help improve your practice
  • Get exclusive access to events and networking opportunities in your area
  • Learn about opportunities to volunteer and expand your knowledge as well as support the growth of your profession
  • Connect with other members using the membership directory
  • Recognition of professional peers for their outstanding achievements

Learn From Experienced Mentors

  • Partner with experienced OT practitioners in your area of practice for guidance on ethics, best practice, billing, etc.
  • Join committees dedicated to gaining leadership opportunities


  • Learn about legislature and policy in Colorado as it pertains to your practice and profession
  • Support the representation of occupational therapy in the state legislature by your lobbyist as well as have the opportunity to partner with them in advocacy opportunities
  • Protect the occupational therapy identity as being a regulated health care provider and being included in all related health care reforms and legislation

Other Benefits

  • Weekly e-mails about upcoming events
  • Attend conferences, workshops, and educational sessions at a discounted rate
  • Access to members-only section on OTAC website