Student Involvement

OTAC encourages professional growth and professional responsibility in future occupational therapy practitioners.

There are series of commitments that lay a foundation to expand professional growth:

  • Develop a solid foundation in academic commitments to pass the NBCOT 
  • Be an active member in the school's Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) to gain leadership skills, network with occupational therapy professionals, and participate in volunteer opportunities that advances the profession.
  • Be an active committee volunteer for OTAC to share a student perspective in projects that advance the profession and network with occupational therapy professionals.

Profession responsibility is committing to professional standards and ethics (which you will learn in school). The second part of professional responsibility is to advocate and support the occupational therapy profession by becoming and maintaining membership with occupational therapy professional association(s). Occupational therapy is regulated in all 50 states to protect the health, welfare, and safety of our communities. Regulation is a privilege and does not come free of charge. OTAC membership dues support legislative efforts to expand and protect occupational therapy scope of practice in the state of Colorado.

Student Occupational Therapy Association

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is a student-run organization that is guided by faculty mentors. SOTA offers students an opportunity to develop and strengthen leadership skills, learn about governance practices to help students understand what drives success in an organization. Leadership roles and student benefits may be unique to each SOTA program at each school. Click here to learn more about SOTA's general operations and activities. To learn more about SOTA activities in Colorado, check out each respective academic institutions Facebook page, below!

Student members of OTAC are eligible for the privilege of holding the office of Student Representative for their respective academic institution. The function of the Student Representative is to support the mission OTAC, be concerned with student member issues, report to the Board Chair for Professional Development, and serve as a communication link between their academic program(s) and the Board. To learn more about the job duties and responsibilities of this role, click here.



OTAC Volunteer Opportunities

Students whose membership is in good standing with OTAC are eligible to be a volunteer on a committee.