Join OTAC's 2018 Challenge!

Only a small portion of Colorado OT Practitioners are members of their professional association. For OTAC to expand and reach more OT Practitioners, it takes volunteers and money. OTAC Member Services' goal for 2018 is to increase the number of our membership to 529 OT Practitioners. We believe that with the help from you, our members, we will reach our goal.

To help our efforts in increasing membership and member engagement, OTAC's Membership Services Committee challenges you to complete at least one of the following tasks:


*Refer a friend
Attend an OTAC event
Join a committee
Apply for an OTAC Board position

*If 4 of the referred prospects sign up as new members then that person is placed in a drawing for free ticket to OTAC conference.  For every referral, a person is placed in a drawing to win $20 gift card to LOGO wear. These names for the LOGO wear prize will be drawn at our 2018 conference.