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Time for Final Preparation for the 2018 Annual OTAC Conference

Posted: October 3, 2018 




As OTAC’s conference committee continues to prepare for the 2018 Annual OTAC Conference, they also encourage you to prepare yourself for this experience!  We look forward to seeing you at the Radisson in Aurora, Colorado on October 12th and 13th. We end the conference preparation “Top 5 to-do” series with #1.

1. Network with Friends and Co-Workers to Encourage Attendance: Continue talking about conference with friends and co-workers in order to drum up excitement for the event.  The more the merrier! Conference is a blast whether you brave it alone or come in a group. However, attending with co-workers gives the opportunity to discuss the application of “aha” moments into your own workplace.  Make an announcement at work or with your friends that you are going to conference and are looking for folks to share the experience. You may be surprised how conference can change the dynamic of your relationships for the better! Post on social media to let others know you are attending and make lunch plans, determine a time and place to meet up with friends and previous colleagues. As part of your final preparations, make decisions on which workshops you plan to attend with a back up plan and pack your business cards to distribute.

Conference is a wonderful opportunity to gather, engage, learn, explore, and expand yourself as a practitioner and as a professional.  By preparing ahead of time, you can make the experience an exciting and positive experience to keep you inspired throughout the year.

In review, here are the Top 5 To-Dos to prepare for a successful conference:

  1. Network with friends and co-workers to encourage attendance

  2. Plan accordingly

  3. Complete a wardrobe review

  4. Prepare note-taking and networking strategies

  5. Join OTAC and register

Kelly Hicks, MS, OTR/L

Click here to view details on tips #2-5

Registration is open through October 5 for OTAC's 2018 Conference: The Challenge of Change!


Register here!


Click the link below to view this year's schedule!

View the OTAC 2018 Annual Conference schedule & directory.

*Schedule is subject to change.


Interested in Becoming More Involved with OTAC?

Posted: October 3, 2018 


Nominate yourself or a co-worker for a Board position. Serving on the board is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with other professionals in our field and serve a valuable role in the development of occupational therapy in Colorado!

Please consider volunteering with the OTAC Board for the upcoming year starting in January 2019. Each term is a 2 year commitment. Board position openings for the 2019-2021 terms:

  • President

  • Secretary

  • Professional Development Chair

  • Conference Chair

  • Fundraising Chair*

  • OT Representative*

  • Communications Chair (Newsletter/Social Media)*

*NEW board positions with approval of the proposed Bylaws revisions at our annual meeting

Previous Newsletter editor will be a member of the Newsletter Committee, which is a standing committee under the Communications Chair.

Click here to apply or learn more.

Interested in becoming more involved, but not ready to become a Board member? Join a committee! Or form a district or SIS group! Don’t know where to start? Contact [email protected] for more info on opportunities to get involved!

The following committees are looking for new members for 2019:

  • Conference committee

  • Fundraising committee

  • Newsletter committee

  • Membership committee

  • Professional Development committee

  • Public Policy committee

For more info, or to sign up contact [email protected]

Silent Auction for Annual OTAC Conference

Posted: October 2, 2018

Attention OTAC members and friends! OTAC is currently accepting donations for our annual silent auction to be held at conference on October 12. If you have products, services, or handmade items that you are able to contribute, please contact Kelly at [email protected]. Thanks!


Student Corner: Pima Medical Institute Update

Posted: October 2, 2018 

The Pima Medical Institute Denver OTA students have been dedicating their free time volunteering with the owner of Brewability Lab, Tiffany Fixter, on her latest endeavor, Pizzability.  After holding a SOTA happy hour at Brewability Labs, the students inquired about the upcoming restaurant and together created a volunteer opportunity that has been a valuable part of our educational experience. Tiffany’s goal is to provide employment opportunities for adults with Developmental Disabilities (DD) in positions they typically would not hold. Employees will be involved in all aspects of running the restaurant such as taking orders, making pizza, and providing an engaging experience for restaurant patrons. The ordering process at Brewability has been simplified to negate staff errors by color coding taps to corresponding beer. Pizzability will now take that a step further by simplifying the restaurant experience as well. The straightforward menu will ask for size and toppings which will be circled and handed to the employee who will then roll the dough, craft the pizza, place in the oven, cut, and serve. On top of providing employment opportunities for individuals with DD, Pizzability will be a sensory friendly area. Swings, fidget seats, and sensory equipment will be geared towards nurturing a customer’s sensory needs, so they too can enjoy a unique dining experience. The students are involved in projects where our growing occupational therapy knowledge is being utilized. One of the projects has been to create a sensory wall and to select sensory modulation products for customers. A visual menu has been created for the meal-related items such as the Happy Mat and weighted utensils for both kids and adults. This menu will also educate customers on the benefits of each product. A sensory modulation room for employees is being designed utilizing a client-centered approach. This space will be calming, quiet, and equipped with sensory items that best help modulate each employee’s overstimulated sensory system from the busy restaurant. Sensory profiles will be used by students to identify the most effective sensory products and individualized items will be stored for each employee. The biggest highlight has been employee training. Students are working with employees one on one practicing each step, watching for safety, and best of all getting to know the employees and tasting the final product. We have been working with Tiffany for about a month and will continue to help with new projects until her opening day.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Pima students’ volunteer experience with Pizzability, stop by the Pima Medical Institute Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) table at OTAC’s conference.


Pictured: Pima OTA students and employees at Pizzability

Andrea Susi, Pima Medical Institute Denver Student Representative


Please Welcome OTAC's New and Returning Members

Posted: October 2, 2018

Please welcome this week's new members:

  • Georgia Berbert
  • Michael Black
  • Haley Bruckner
  • Brian Covert
  • Brooke Gratza
  • Chambrey Johnson
  • Karissa Kinard
  • Gina Larson
  • Cassie Navarro
  • Nancy Oyer-Blum
  • MaryCatherine Sanders
  • Arrianna Sierra
  • Emalia Steele
  • Claire Stoudt
  • Saundra Summers

This week's renewing members are:

  • Garth Garrett
  • Beth Hackett
  • Lindsay Marshall
  • Emily Martin
  • Erin Miller
  • Dennis Nuding
  • Elyse Orton

We are glad you are here another year!

Remember, the bigger the number, the bigger the voice. We are excited these members have joined OTAC to let all of our voices be heard. 

OTAC members: View the online membership directory (you must be signed in as a member). Also, search for a member. Not a member? Join us!

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