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Please Welcome OTAC's New and Returning Members

Posted: August 20, 2018

Please welcome this week's new members:

  • Accessible Systems 
  • Amanda Barstow
  • Jennifer Boswell
  • Dewayne Bramlet
  • Jennifer Fritz
  • Angela Geaslin
  • Kathy Hall
  • Kendall Horan
  • Laura Kenny
  • Charla Kinkel
  • Gilliane Lee
  • Caitlin Martin
  • Alyssa Massie
  • Michael Mitter
  • Cassandra Park
  • Kendra Petersen
  • Domiana Piazzisi
  • Christa Schlichting
  • Doris Shriver
  • Rachel Sjostrand 
  • Amy Starett
  • Marie Williams 

This week's renewing members are:

  • Morgan Boxer
  • Amanda Chenoweth
  • Eva Coleman
  • Erin Coram
  • Matison Cross
  • Teresa Damkoehler
  • Valerie Dingler
  • Jenifer Geitner
  • Danielle Hildebrandt
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Gwyneth Jones
  • Lindsay Kallman
  • Melissa Klenk 
  • Hannah Lee
  • Scott MCollom
  • Mary McCoy 
  • Jennifer Mitton
  • Diana Nyren
  • Will O'hearn
  • Colton Peltier
  • Angela Regier
  • Christine Rutledge 
  • Melanie Shovlin
  • Jessica Walters
  • Katherine Ward

We are glad you are here another year!

Remember, the bigger the number, the bigger the voice. We are excited these members have joined OTAC to let all of our voices be heard. 

OTAC members: View the online membership directory (you must be signed in as a member). Also, search for a member. Not a member? Join us!


Get Ready for a Great Time at the 2018 Annual OTAC Conference

Posted: August 7, 2018

The 2018 Annual OTAC Conference season has officially begun!  This year’s conference will take place at the Radisson in Aurora, Colorado on October 12th and 13th.  Attending conference is a fun way to learn about current trends and developments in occupational therapy, network with other occupational therapy practitioners, and spend time bonding with fellow colleagues who may provide new opportunities for growth or gently remind us of our abundant history.  Preparing for conference can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned attendee. In the upcoming e-newsletters prior to conference, we will publish a “Top 5 to-do” list to best prepare for a successful conference. See below for tip #5.

Kelly Hicks, MS, OTR/L

4. Prepare Note-Taking and Networking Strategies: Nothing can be more stressful than finding yourself in a class or workshop unprepared.  If you plan to use technology such as an IPAD or tablet, make sure it is fully charged, you are familiar with accessing the notes to the sessions, and have obtained any WIFI access information for the venue ahead of time. Consider using social media to live tweet or update Facebook friends about your conference experience throughout the weekend to share with others in your network.  If you are more of a pencil-paper note taker, be sure to pack extra pens and pencils and have printed out your notes prior to the session.  While the speaker may have handouts, it is always a safe bet when you bring your own.  You may consider bringing an additional notepad to jot down inspirational ideas that you can bring home to your own practice.  Lastly, don’t forget to print and bring your business cards to ensure a successful networking experience! 

*Make sure to review continuing education requirements and reflect upon what you want to accomplish by attending conference. Are you interested in learning something in a different practice area, or do you need to get an ethics requirement met?  Visit and to guide your path to maintaining licensure. 

5. Join OTAC & Register Early: While this may seem like a “no-brainer”, make sure that your membership status is up to speed with OTAC. OTAC members are eligible for a discounted rate, voting privileges, volunteer and mentorship opportunities, and more!  While you are at it, like our page on Facebook (Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado) to stay up to speed on current events within the association. Visit for more information on membership.

Early registration for this year’s conference is open! Not only will you be eligible for a discounted rate for attendance, but you can also begin to prepare for the conference in other ways without having to worry about that pesky registration deadline.  

Registration is now open for OTAC's 2018 Conference: The Challenge of Change!
Click here to view this year's conference website.
Use discount EB18 to receive $10 off your registration fee
**early bird registration ends August 13!


Click the link below to view this year's schedule!

*Schedule is subject to change.


Upcoming Contact Hour & Networking Opportunities

Posted: August 7, 2018 

Talk Like a Shrink 

This informative presentation will give OT practitioners insight on dialogue between a psychiatrist and client.  


  • To understand the cognitive challenges of practicing in contemporary healthcare
  • To appreciate how many common solutions for resiliency falter in today’s healthcare systems
  • To understand how communication skills from psychiatry can increase practitioner resiliency and patient outcomes
  • To develop practical strategies for psychiatric communication skills

When: Thursday, August 9th, 2018, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Location: Denver Health
$10.00 for OTAC member, $20.00 for non members
1.5 contact hours awarded
*Networking to follow: Meet at 6th & Broadway for dinner and drinks on own

Sign up today!

Join us for the second Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado Podcast, & Journal Club event! 

OTAC PB & J Club is a professional development group aimed toward exploring podcasts, books, and journal articles that will promote our professional growth across practice settings. These virtual meetings invite participants to discuss the selected topic, share what we have learned, and gain insights from each other.  You can connect with other OT Practitioners and students all over Colorado from the comfort of your own home!

The OTAC PB & J Club event will be held on Monday, September 17, 2018 from 8:00-9:00pm.

Prior to the meeting please review TED Radio Hour Episode The Unknown Brain-

Sign up today!

Gerontology SIS

Are you a practitioner working with the geriatric population? Want to meet with other like-minded practitioners to gather insight, skills, education, and network? Then, this is a SIS you won’t want to miss!

When: September 25, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Where: Mullen Home, 3629 W. 29th Ave Denver, CO 80211 
Goal: establish agenda for 2018-2019, networking
For more info click here.  



Call for Recognition of Outstanding Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Posted: August 7, 2018 

We are fortunate to work alongside incredible colleagues, and we all know people and companies who are engaged in significant, innovative work, whether their influence is at the forefront or in the background.  Why not recognize their contributions to the profession?!

Publicly acknowledge an exceptional coworker who goes the extra mile or above and beyond when serving the people in their care, being a treasured part of the team, or contributing value to the community.  There is something special about being recognized for a job well done: it shows appreciation for each other and the profession of which we are proud to be a part.

We all give of ourselves in serving others; take this opportunity to recognize a stellar partner for the difference they make.

Submit nominations for the following awards:

  • Marjorie Ball Award of Merit

  • Agatha Jackson COTA Award of Excellence

  • Dottie Davis Service Awards

  • OT-OTA Partnership Award

  • Recognition Awards

For more info on each award and to nominate a colleague or friend, click here.

Student Corner: Pueblo Community College OTA Program Update

Posted: August 7, 2018

Current students in the OTA program at Pueblo Community College are enjoying several weeks off for summer break. The graduating class of 2018 ended their Level II Fieldwork experiences in May and celebrated with a picnic as well as attending the PCC school wide graduation ceremonies. Most have now taken and passed the certification exam and are becoming employed as COTAs! Their mentorship to the 1st year group of students continues and has been much appreciated!

The students at PCC are passionate about occupational therapy. Students are utilizing their creativity as can be seen below in the adaptation of a piano.  Susie Griner is using foam coated hangers to hit the keys, the hangers are also attached to her body with an elastic belt.

Save the date for the annual PCC Alumni Dinner with guest speaker, Janice Hinds, MS, OTR/L, BCMH.  Janice will present "Trauma Informed Care for All of Us", on Friday, September 21 on the PCC campus. More details to come!

Lisa Olson, OTAS

Pueblo Community College Student Representative

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