Tool for Promoting Membership

It is not uncommon to meet an OT practitioner who hasn’t heard of OTAC or has heard of OTAC, but is not aware of what the association provides for the profession of OT in Colorado. OTAC appreciates your advocacy efforts and is here to assist you by providing speaking points to enhance your conversation during your advocacy efforts.

The OTAC Membership Promotion Flyer is a simple tool that communicates the benefits of being a member and includes a series of questions that should concern an OT practitioner in the state of Colorado.

We want you to use this flyer in the most convenient ways that work for you. For example, email it to your non-OTAC member colleagues, post it in your common work area, share it on social media, or read it to increase your knowledge of why your OTAC membership matters.

To locate the OTAC membership promotional flyer click here

Your advocacy efforts promote the growth and sustainability of OTAC for years to come. The MSC appreciates your interest in educating OT practitioners about OTAC and the values that membership provides to ALL Colorado OT practitioners!

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