Please Welcome OTAC's New and Returning Members

Posted: October 24, 2018

Please welcome this week's new members:

  • Brandon Caruso
  • Madeline Cole
  • Amanda Crimi
  • Kat Cutler
  • Mary Eisele
  • DeAnn Hunt
  • Susan Jones
  • Heidi Kunugi
  • Merritt Pitzing
  • Rachel Polcyn
  • Daniel St Clair
  • Jennifer Yeaman
  • Christina Young

This week's renewing members are:

  • Sierra Bailey-Peterson
  • Barbara Bromby
  • Nicole Contos
  • Robbie Feuerstein
  • Paulina Glaski
  • Sue Herring
  • Lynn Hoppe
  • Ravi Hunjan
  • Gary Jones
  • Cindy Kreutz
  • Marian Nielson
  • Josephine Ryan
  • Esther Searcy

We are glad you are here another year!

Remember, the bigger the number, the bigger the voice. We are excited these members have joined OTAC to let all of our voices be heard. 

OTAC members: View the online membership directory (you must be signed in as a member). Also, search for a member. Not a member? Join us!