Time for Final Preparation for the 2018 Annual OTAC Conference

Posted: October 3, 2018 




As OTAC’s conference committee continues to prepare for the 2018 Annual OTAC Conference, they also encourage you to prepare yourself for this experience!  We look forward to seeing you at the Radisson in Aurora, Colorado on October 12th and 13th. We end the conference preparation “Top 5 to-do” series with #1.

1. Network with Friends and Co-Workers to Encourage Attendance: Continue talking about conference with friends and co-workers in order to drum up excitement for the event.  The more the merrier! Conference is a blast whether you brave it alone or come in a group. However, attending with co-workers gives the opportunity to discuss the application of “aha” moments into your own workplace.  Make an announcement at work or with your friends that you are going to conference and are looking for folks to share the experience. You may be surprised how conference can change the dynamic of your relationships for the better! Post on social media to let others know you are attending and make lunch plans, determine a time and place to meet up with friends and previous colleagues. As part of your final preparations, make decisions on which workshops you plan to attend with a back up plan and pack your business cards to distribute.

Conference is a wonderful opportunity to gather, engage, learn, explore, and expand yourself as a practitioner and as a professional.  By preparing ahead of time, you can make the experience an exciting and positive experience to keep you inspired throughout the year.

In review, here are the Top 5 To-Dos to prepare for a successful conference:

  1. Network with friends and co-workers to encourage attendance

  2. Plan accordingly

  3. Complete a wardrobe review

  4. Prepare note-taking and networking strategies

  5. Join OTAC and register

Kelly Hicks, MS, OTR/L

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