OTAC Capitol Hill Day 2019 

Hill Day Attendees 2019

The annual OTAC Hill Day was held on March 20, with the Lieutenant Governor, Dianne Primavera, starting the event. After her speech, attendees participated in “citizen legislation,” interacting with Democrat and Republican legislators speaking on a wide range of topics from opioid addiction treatment to the 2020 reauthorization of the occupational therapy practice act. After the speakers concluded, participants lobbied freshman legislators, educating them about the profession of occupational therapy. This is especially important this year because next year these legislators will be voting on whether or not to pass the Colorado OT Practice Act.  

Thank you to everyone who shared their time with us to advocate and support occupational therapy in Colorado on Hill Day 2019. Your efforts are appreciated and benefit all occupational therapy practitioners in Colorado.

Thank you for all of you who used your time and your voice to advocate for occupational therapy practice in Colorado!

Thanks to you we had successful meetings with eight legislators to talk about OT practice:

  • Representative Julie McCluskie
  • Representative Kerry Tipper
  • Representative Tom Sullivan
  • Representative Monica Duran
  • Representative Lisa Cutter
  • Representative Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez
  • Representative Marc Snyder
  • Representative Shannon Bird

Thank you to our inspiring speakers:

  • Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera
  • Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet
  • Representative Chris Kennedy
  • Representative Lois Landgraf
  • Representative Jonathan Singer

A special thank you to Representative Jonathan Singer, who announced that he will sponsor our practice act next year!

Join us next year to advocate for the passing of the Occupational Therapy Practice Act in 2020!

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