OTAC Committees

Membership Committee

Function of the Committee: Develop programs to gain membership prospects, maintain and expand current membership pool, and monitor member satisfaction.

Meeting Frequency/Format: Monthly

Group Expectations: Love OT, desire to spread the word of OT and OTAC statewide, enjoy working with motivated OT practitioners much like yourself!

Benefits of Participation: Meet amazing OT practitioners, learn how a nonprofit organization operates, gain leadership and teamwork skills, make an impact in this profession at state-level

Contact: Amber Sand

Bylaws Committee

Function of the Committee: to review and revise OTAC bylaws as needed in order to ensure they reflect current board operations, OT practice and current professional and public concepts and terminology

Meeting Frequency/Format: bi-weekly or variable until completed

Group Expectations: collectively review and revise and finalize bylaws

Benefits of Participation:greater involvement in OTAC, facilitate shaping of our state professional organization’s functioning to optimally represent the interests of the greater OT community

Contact: Ravi Hunjan 

Newsletter Committee

Function of the Committee: To review, edit, and collate pertinent newsletter articles and announcements to relay information to OTAC members and prospective members via the OTAC Pulse weekly newsletter

Meeting Frequency/Format: Weekly emails, occasional online/phone and in-person meetings

Group Expectations: Assist in reviewing and editing article for OT language and grammar, contribute creative ideas for newsletter articles, communicate with OTAC board regarding gathering of articles in appropriate time frame

Benefits of Participation: Greater involvement in OTAC, contributing to OT profession through article contribution and review/editing, and utilizing your creativity to better the OTAC Pulse newsletter

Contact: Jenny Junker 

Fundraising Committee

Function of the Committee:  To strategize and implement creative fundraising ideas for                        OTAC

Meeting Frequency/Format: Monthly; online or in person depending upon consensus

Group Expectations: Contribute creative ideas and participate in fundraising activities

Benefits of Participation: Explore your creativity, collaborate with other occupational therapy practitioners, and raise money to support our organization and profession

Contact: Kelly Hicks

Conference Committee

Function of the Committee: To plan OTAC's annual conference 

Meeting Frequency/Format: Monthly 

Contact: Brandy Bregar

Public Policy Committee

Function of the Committee: To create change through informing policy decisions 

Meeting Frequency/Format: Monthly 

Volunteers run all of OTAC’s Board positions and committees. Without them, OTAC would not exist. We are seeking additional volunteers to help expand our efforts and to assist members who have spent weeks, months, and years dedicating their time to the association.  I encourage you to reach out to us via Facebook or on our website to let us know you want to help!

If you desire to volunteer it’s never too late to participate on an OTAC Committee! Please contact us via email at info@otacco.org, and we will help you get in touch with a board member in an area of interest to you.

*committee volunteers must be OTAC members