Board Members

President (2016-2018)

Name: Krista Covell-Pierson
Years with OTAC and on the board: Has been on the board since January 2016.
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I believe it is my responsibility to contribute to the protection of occupational therapy through my annual dues. Even if I can't participate in everything OTAC provides, I am standing behind my value of OT simply by being a member! Meeting other OT professionals across the state, getting more involved with the legislation aspects of our profession and taking on a new challenge enables me to grow as a person, professional, business owner and practitioner. I learn something nearly every day through OTAC and I recommend anyone wanting to expand themselves take the time to participate in the organization. 
Brief work history and current work setting: I own Covell Care and Rehabilitation--a revolutionary private practice serving older adults in their homes and community through OT, PT, SLP, care management, personal training, massage, pelvic floor rehab and driving rehabilitation. 
A couple fun facts: Any chance I have to try something new is an opportunity I try not to miss! I love to travel near and far and will visit my 45th country this year!

Vice President (2016-2018)

Name: Pamela DiPasquale-Lehnerz , MS, OTR/L 
Years with OTAC and on the board: She has been on the OTAC Board as Secretary, Recognitions, Public Policy Chair and now Vice-President. 
Why did you join OTAC and the board? Pam has a contributed to OTAC Board since 1982 and has enjoyed the networking opportunities and the friendships throughout the years.
Brief work history and current work setting: Has practiced for over 30 years, graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in OT and then attending and graduating from CSU with a Master’s Degree. OT experience has been in adult rehab for about 25 years and for the past 15 years has worked in the schools. She has done inpatient rehab, outpatient work hardening, home health, management and school based pediatrics. 
A couple fun facts: Pam has been married for 25 years and has 2 children who are both in college.  Her hobbies are gardening, golf, quilting and “Memories” scrapbooking.  

Secretary (2017-2019)

Name: Ravi Hunjan, OTR/L
Years with OTAC and on the board: I have been an OTAC member since 2012 and this is my first year serving on the OTAC board.
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I joined OTAC in order to remain up to date and engaged with our professional activities in the state. I then decided I wanted to be of more service directly to our profession and had the opportunity to serve on the board.
Brief work history and current work setting: I have been an OTR since 2000 when I graduated from Colorado State University. Since that time I have worked primarily in skilled nursing facilities, but now serve older adults in a regional clinical position across multiple sites and types of settings.
A couple fun facts: I live in the metro-Denver area with my wife and daughter and two dogs. In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and listening to music (preferably live) .

Treasurer (2015-2017)

Name: Lucy Bosio, MAT, OTR/L
Years with OTAC and on board: Member since 2007. Board member 2012-13, Conference Chair, Conference mentor 2014,15,16
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I joined OTAC to support licensure and professional education
Brief work history and current work setting: Most of my career has been in school based settings serving infants to high school
A couple fun facts: Currently retired to have play dates with our grandson, take motorcycle trips with my husband and enjoy needle work in between times 


Membership Chair (2016-2018)

Name: Amber Sand
Years with OTAC and on board: I have been an OTAC member since 2013 and I have serviced on the OTAC Board as Conference Chair in 2014
Why did you join OTAC and the board? To advocate for the profession of occupational therapy and it’s an opportunity to meet other occupational therapy practitioners for networking and build friendships. 
Brief work history and current work setting: Since 2013, I have worked at subacute rehabilitation and long term care facilities. 
A couple fun facts: My husband and I are from the upper midwest and we moved to Colorado for job opportunities and skiing. We enjoy sharing our interests of midwest card games, food, and sense of living with friends we meet. 

Conference Chair (2017-2019)

Name: Brandy Bregar
Years with OTAC and on board: This is my first year on the board.
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I joined OTAC to collaborate with other OT professionals and support the efforts to maintain the interests of Occupational Therapy in Colorado.
Brief work history and current work setting:
A couple fun facts: I have two boxer dogs and have recently moved to Pueblo, CO!




Newsletter Editor (2017-2019)

Name: Jenny Junker
Years with OTAC and on board: I recently joined OTAC in the spring of 2016, this is my first experience on the OTAC board. 
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I joined the OTAC board because I wanted to be more involved as an OT in the state of Colorado, for networking opportunities, and to positively impact the occupational therapy profession at a state level. I value our state association and its benefits, and therefore want to spread the word to other OTs throughout our state.
Brief work history and current work setting: I graduated from Creighton University's OTD program in 2012 and relocated to Denver. I began my career in a SNF setting for a couple years, and have now spent the past 2 years as the rehab director with Legacy Healthcare Services at an Assisted Living Facility and Memory Care community. I really enjoy being a clinical instructor for occupational therapy students and frequently have students in my clinic. I also currently serve as a geriatrics lab adjunct faculty and Kinesiology lab assistant for the Creighton University OTD distance program at Regis University.
A couple fun facts:I love living in Colorado, especially for all of the outdoor activities! I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends. I'm working on my cooking skills and also have begun to teach myself to crochet. 

Professional Development & Education Chair (2017-2019)

Name: Kylie Sleeth
Years with OTAC and on board: I previously served as the Professional Development & Education Chair from 2015-2017.
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I was an Emerging Leader for AOTA from 2016-2017. I joined OTAC and was excited to serve on the board to network with other OT professionals, build relationships, learn more about OT in CO, and increase contact hour opportunities and resources. 
Brief work history and current work setting: I graduated from OT school 3 years ago and have been working as an OT at Powerback Rehab in Lakewood. 
A couple fun facts: My husband and I just welcomed our first child, Beckham in January.  I love being an OT, running, being outdoors and spending time with family. I enjoy networking with OT/OTA’s/students and growing the OT profession in Colorado. 

Public Relations and Fundraiser Chair (2016-2018)

Name: Kelly Hicks
Years with OTAC and on board: I have been a member of OTAC since 2015. This is my first year serving on the board as the PR/Fundraising representative.
Why did you join OTAC and the board? I joined OTAC in order to fulfill what, I believe, is my personal and professional responsibility to support (at very least financially) the state and national organizations that represent our profession. In this time of uncertainty in the areas of both healthcare and education, it is comforting to know that my OTAC membership supports lobbyists who represent and fight for the interests our profession at the Capitol on a daily basis. I decided to become a board member for the networking and leadership experience that this opportunity affords. Lastly, I want to ensure that my lens on the scope of occupational therapy remains wide so that I may see and experience all of the great achievements of this great profession!
Brief work history and current work setting:  In January of 2015, I moved to Colorado to complete my final Level 2 fieldwork at Colorado Mental Health Institute. I currently work as an occupational therapist in Jeffco Public Schools and thoroughly enjoy helping my students do those things that they need and want to do on a daily basis.
A couple fun facts: As a southern girl, born and raised, I never donned a pair of skis, much less, pointed them down a mountainside. Last year, I began teaching myself to ski (with the help of a few trusty friends and teachers) and LOVE it! I currently live in Golden, Colorado with my sweet husband, Keith, and our 13 year old Boston Terrier, Brody.  


 Pueblo Community College Student Representative (2016-2018)

Name: Lexi Welch
Years with OTAC and on board: Less than a year; I joined OTAC board as a student in December 2016.
Why did you join OTAC and the board?: Being apart of OTAC is an opportunity Pueblo Community College offered as apart of their Occupation Therapy Assistant Program. I applied to fill the position because I was interested in networking with other Occupational Therapy practitioners as I am new to Colorado. 
Brief work history and current work setting: I am currently a Case Manager Lead  in Colorado Springs. I am a second year in Pueblo Community College's Occupational Therapy Assistant program. Through this program we are able to explore the different settings of Occupational Therapy. 
A couple fun facts: I have a dog named Walter, we think he is an American Dingo. He is full of energy and loves to play outside and explore the mountains.